Amersfoort Jazz inspires to share ideas about music.”
Nuphar Fey (ISR) | artist

Since 2012, the annual Dutch festival Amersfoort Jazz is hosting international conferences and network meetings in de Observant parallel to the festival. Inviting World Jazz professionals from foreign countries the World Jazz Conference is a highly anticipated network gathering of international jazz and world music industry professionals.  The aim of the conference is to exchange visions and kickstart initiatives and (international) collaboration on talent development. Amersfoort Jazz is aiming to build an eco-system of strong players from all over the globe, who share visions and enhance collaboration between each other on an international level. Important tools are keynote speeches, discussion groups, multi-lateral meetings, network meetings and World Jazz concerts.

Our mission
The mission of Amersfoort Jazz is rooted in music discovery that is open, inclusive, and based on mutual alliance of emerging artists and festivals from around the world, while building new communities of World Jazz devotees and creating opportunities for the next generation.

The World Jazz Conference is organized in collaboration with the foundation JazzNL and its partners. JazzNL aims to facilitate co-operations between Dutch and international festivals and competitions. Also, through Jazz Expeditions, JazzNL provides musicians with a professional platform to explore new international World Jazz scenes.

International festivals attending the World Jazz Conference are given the opportunity to present a laureate of their choice to play at the Sena Performers International Jazz Laureate Festival, which is part of Amersfoort Jazz. The proposed musicians will enter a multi-day program including their own performances, collaborations with other laureates, workshops, lectures, network sessions and optionally the jam sessions. The aim is to create a unique experience for the laureates while boosting their careers at the same time.

For more information, visit the website of JazzNL