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World Jazz Festival INDIA

Breaking India news:
Following the example of the Rabobank Amersfoort Jazz festival, a brand new two-day World Jazz Festival will be organized in Pune and Mumbai at the end of February. The organization Banyan Tree from Mumbay visited the World Jazz Conference in Amersfoort in recent years, witnessed the concerts, seminars and sessions. Nandini and Mahesh Babu of Banyan Tree declare to be very inspired by all experiences and adventurous crossovers at Amersfoort Jazz. The World Jazz Festival in India is about mixing raga and konkani with western music and jazz.

In 2019, Indian artists Shakir Khan and Anubrata Chatterjee played with the group of Dutch saxophonist Ben van den Dungen in the historic venue Sint Aegtenkapel. This year, various players will travel in the opposite direction, including the Round Midnight talents Sebastiaan van Bavel, Tim Hennekes and Tom Ridderbeekx, as well as Alexander Beets and Saskia Laroo. Koh Saxman, Takeshi (THA) and Ntando Ngcapu (ZAF) are also artists, connected to the international network of Amersfoort Jazz.

The Amersfoort Jazz organization is pleased that the investments in “internationalization” of recent years are bearing fruit. Such diversified exchange programs also also achieved with countries such as Thailand, South Africa, Spain and Israel, while Poland, Turkey and Australia are in the pipeline. A sustainable exchange has been established with the jazz scene of Hungary, which is this year’s ‘focus country’ in Amersfoort. Moreover, countless young finalists play a prominent role in international festivals in Amersfoort, not through hasty showcases but through two full-fledged concerts and people to people network meetings. The organization of Amersfoort Jazz can provide clear results. For example, the talented SUBTEXT and Shalosh (ISR), Sun-Mi Hong (KOR), Dox In Absolute (LUX), Wanda Baloyi (ZAF), Sanne Rambags and Kika Sprangers (NLD) were picked up by the international programmers in Amersfoort.