Belgian pianist Jef Neve returns with ‘Mysterium’

Belgian pianist/composer Jef Neve already rocked the world of Amersfoort Jazz during the Focus on World Jazz from Belgium in 2018. This led to a lasting friendship. “Amersfoort Jazz is a wonderful festival. It’s a real pleasure to play here,” Neve says. This year, he returns to Amersfoort Jazz with his new project ‘Mysterium’.

“In a world where data and (fake?) facts are readily and instant available, I feel the urge to seek the mysterious; I am in need for mystery. A deep bow to the beauty of the unknown, the liberating joy of a child’s innocence, the white sheet of serenity, the total absence of the exact and the surrender to ‘the all-embracing and all-encompassing’. The music is complex and at the same time surprisingly simple, a balance that I have tried to preserve during the composition process. The band has interpreted the scores with a great sense of masterful craftsmanship and personal input and brought them to life. I invite the listener into this musical mystery; to let go of the real world and discover the liberating feeling of not understanding something.” Was signed: Jef Neve.

His septet contains some of the finest musicians from both modern jazz and classical music. Line-up: Jef Neve (BEL) piano / Jasper Høiby (DNK) bass / Teus Nobel (NLD) trumpet / Nicolas Kummert (BEL) tenor sax / Bruno Van der Haegen (BEL) tenor sax / Andy Dhondt (BEL) tenor sax / Pieter Kindt (BEL) bass trombone