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Amersfoort Jazz presents: promising and powerful women

Amersfoort Jazz proudly presents some of the most promising and powerful women in the world of World Jazz today. Polish piano virtuoso Kasia Pietrzko plays with her trio the works from the album ‘Forthright Stories’; the astonishing multi-intrumentalist Petra Várallyay performs at the Sena Performers International Jazz Laureate Festival as well as in the Focus on World Jazz from Hungary. From Ukraine comes the Armenian born singer Laura Marti. Also some special ladies from The Netherlands are featured at the festival, like the living legend Greetje Kauffeld, trumpeter Ellister van der Molen and some notable exponents of the next generation of Dutch Jazz: alto saxophonists Kika Sprangers and altist Irene Reig (ESP), who emphasize the role of female instrumentalists in jazz and modern music, something which is crucial for the education of future generations. Amersfoort Jazz proudly presents the Amsterdam based drummer Sun-Mi Hong (KOR) as its National Artist in Residence. Also world famous Dutch saxophonist Tineke Postma gigs the festival with her new project ‘Freya’, the goddess, who Tineke describes as “the mother of all Frisian children – I was born and raised in Frisia, a beautiful region in the north Netherlands. Throughout this album I want to celebrate my new life as a mother which has been a profound and enriching experience.” (source)