Audio and backline 2019

On this page you can find technical and backline information for Amersfoort Jazz 2019. The backline sets on this page are the sets that will be available on the stages during the entire festival. We didn't include specific backline agreements.

Hof main stage

- Pa: SoundProjects type Linex Concert serie, Airforce SP318 Sub speaker
- Foh: Digico SD8 48in/16out op madi
- Monitors: Digico SD9, 10x SoundProjects X-Tender 15"

- Drums:             Yamaha Oak Custom
- Double bass:    Solid top + element
- Bass amp:        Ashdown Evo500II + 4x10"
- Guitar amp:     Fender Twin Reverb
- Piano:               Yamaha C3

Lieve Vrouwekerkhof

- Pa: d&b Q1 , d&b Q7, Synco E118 SUB
- Foh: Digico SD8 console
- Monitors: Digico SD8 console, 12x Synco CW121 Wedge

- Drums:    Gretsch Catalina
- Double Bass:       Solid top + element
- Bass amp:         Eden WT300 + 4x10" 
- Guitar amp:       Fender Hot Rod Deluxe
- Piano:               Yamaha C7

Hof tree stage

- Drums:          Remo
- Double Bass:       Solid top + element
- Bass amp:         EBSTB660 + 4x10" 
- Guitar amp:       Fender Deluxe Reverb
- Piano:               Yamaha C3

Theatre Lieve Vrouw

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- Drums: Yamaha Oak Custom
- Double Bass
- Bass amp:      Markbass TA501 + 4x10"
- Guitar amp:    Fender Twin Reverb
- Piano:               Yamaha C7


- Pa: HK audio
- Foh: QU24
- Monitors: from Foh, 4x QSC K10.2

- 1x Drums
- 1x Double Bass
- 1x Bass amp
- 1x Guitar amp
- Piano: Yamaha C2