Amersfoort World Jazz Festival


Nuphar Fey
“extremely talented…remember her name” (Dubi Lenz, Red Sea Jazz Festival/Galatz Radio)

“In her lyrical expression literally swells internal heat of emotion…superb debut!” (Jan Hocek, Jazzport magazine)

The music of composer & pianist Nuphar Fey is a multi-layered experience, combining soulful themes, electrifying groove and spiritual depth, telling stories without words.
Free spirited, abundant and daring, Fey creates her own musical land to experiment in. Her unique style connects influences from cinematic, contemporary jazz, impressionistic and post classical music among others. Having lived in different countries and collecting imprints from their musical cultures, combined with her classical roots, Fey’s music expresses a variety of captivating colors.

A virtuoso pianist, composer and improviser, Fey is original in her projects, creating for her trio, solo, duo and crossing over with video art and other mediums. Her music has won her several prestigious awards, as well as invitations to perform in Europe, the US and the Far East.

In this duo, Fey toys with her compositions with a fresh perspective, surprising rhythms and lyrical harmonies. TELALIT’s cello & vocals add passionate warm sound and soulful quality.
The sisters have been creating and performing together since early childhood and their vivcious personalities and colors come to life on stage.


“the woman who will bring Classical back to mainstream” (The Jerusalem Post)

“with a voice that can melt snow she brought tears to my eyes when listening to her latest single” (Boaz Cohen, radio 88FM)

Cellist & singer-songwriter TELALIT is a cross-genre musician, performing both classical cello and original indie-pop vocals. With that inspiring blend of both worlds, she brings to the stage deep atmosphere, unique sound and wide range of emotions.
She has recently concluded a 4-month world tour playing in a piano quintet for Lincoln Center in NY.
As a singer, her single “dissipating dream” was praised by both audience and critics and was broadcasted repeatedly on various radio stations. TELALIT’s special imprint is the rich orchestral string sound with only her cello by creating multiple layers.