Amersfoort World Jazz Festival


India can best be described as a land where centutires co-exist. Apart from Ayurveda and Yoga the ancient heritage of classical music can boast of an uninterrupted flow of wisdom.

India is among those few ancient civilizations that can boast of a rich intangible heritage that is alive even today; mostly orally passed down through centuries and millennia. The performing arts constitute a large and very significant part of the living traditions of our country. Passed down from generation to generation, they form the core of the cultural and even spiritual gift that India has to offer to the world.

Banyan Tree has access to these rare gems of living traditions from around the country and beyond. From internationally acclaimed superstar maestros to the carriers of living traditions in remote obscure villages, all are an integral part of the Banyan Tree’s pool of creative energy.

Brainchild of the founder and managing director Mahesh Babu, Banyan Tree was born out of the passion to preserve, nurture, promote and propagate the rich heritage of the performing arts of India.
Beyond treating the performing arts as mere entertainment, each event is also an opportunity to create an awareness of the rich heritage, of the ancient wisdom that has continued to survive despite all odds. This awareness led to the creation of several national festivals of performing arts. The genres covered in these are the enchanting spectrum of Indian culture come alive i.e. Indian classical vocals and Instrumental (both the north and south Indian streams), Indian classical dance forms, authentic folk music from across the country, folk dance forms, theatre, dance-drama, multi-media productions, dance ballets, Sufi music, ghazals, devotional music, innovative thematic presentations, world music ensembles, as well as on rare occasions Bollywood music. We conceive, design and present events in all these genres. Innovative themes, backed by well researched content and crisp world class presentations make for memorable events cherished by audiences much after they are over.

The biggest strength of the company is the fact that both directors, the founder – managing director Mahesh Babu and his wife Nandini Mahesh are trained musicians themselves. Naturally, they are not just able to bring the best out of the artists but even inspire them with innovative ideas which help the artist out do themselves.

With an industry experience of two decades, the duo has excellent rapport with over 2000 performing artists across genres, linguistic groups and cultural backgrounds, who regularly perform for various events of Banyan Tree across the country and beyond.

Apart from creating befitting cultural dos Banyan Tree has also been a significant catalyst in providing a new lease of life for some near extinct forms.