Amersfoort World Jazz Festival

Dingo Jazz, Australia

Dingo’s vision is to support and promote the activities of the Australian jazz community at all levels, from our renowned artists in international concert halls, to those starting out in their first jam-sessions, and everyone in between. Dingo’s aim is to create a platform that allows the whole-of-ecosystem to be able to connect and share information.

Miles Davis acted in only one film, Dingo, released in 1991: an Australian film telling the story of a passionate young outback trumpeter’s journey to the jazz clubs of Paris. This seemed a fitting namesake for the Australian jazz journal.

Dingo’s readership is far reaching and encompasses the diverse jazz community from tertiary students through to veteran performers, hobbiest performers to jazz aficionados. Through insightful articles, album and product reviews and education section Dingo aims to inform and encourage readers to celebrate Australian jazz in all its forms.

Amersfoort World Jazz Club