Amersfoort World Jazz Festival

Banyan Tree, India

…. And all that Jazz, a phrase so commonly used today, without even knowing that Jazz is actually a form of Music. A kind of music that started much before all that we know as popular music now.

Jazz music was born in Mumbai in the 1920s at the Iconic Taj Mahal Hotel. Jazz, which began as Music for the elite, in no time reached the masses through popular music and Bollywood.

Banyan Tree is all set to present a brand new festival that will feature World & Jazz music in tandem. Aptly titled World Jazz Festival will feature some amazingly talented artists from around the world in Mumbai in collaboration with the highly reputed festival of Netherlands i.e. Amersfoort Jazz festival. Spread over two days, Mumbai can witness Jazz musicians from Netherlands, South Africa, USA and Thailand. This festival is sure to attract the Jazz music lovers of Mumbai enhancing the jazz scene of the city even further.

Music lovers can enjoy the coming together of World and Jazz genre of Music which are considered most flexible and spectacular, on the same platform and in combination.

Similarities between Indian classical music and Jazz music have given birth to a new genre of music called Indo Jazz. World Jazz Festival will also showcase unique collaborations with some of India’s finest musicians specially curated for this Festival.

Amersfoort World Jazz Club