Amersfoort World Jazz Festival

In 2021 was Lucas Santana Execeptional Endorsed Talent van het Amersfoort World Jazz Festival. Wat is er in de tussentijd allemaal gebeurd ? We vroegen het Lucas:

Lucas in 2021 you were the Endorsed Exceptional Talent. What was your best concert?

We played many good concerts, but the concert in the Amersfoort World Jazz was great, but also the concerts in India and Thailand were really special  

What happened between 2021 – 2023? did you write new music?

I developed a new program with string quartet. It’s a mixture between jazz, Brazilian music and classical music.  

Did you meet new musicians because of the festival?

I met a lot of new musicians because of the festival. Musicians from India, thailand, South Africa, Canarian Island, Poland, Hungary and Italy.

Where did you go on tour? 
I went to Hungary, Poland, India, Thailand, Italy, France, Canarian Island and South Africa

Can you give us some highlights of the tour? 
The best part of the tour, besides being on stage and presenting our music, was to meet the people and local musicians in after parties or jam session. To see the local music, integrated with society was the biggest highlight for me

Can you give a low point of the tours?
Low point in the tour was dealing with emergencies and unprepared events. Sometimes a lot of things happens without your control, and I had to be patient to deal with it.

What are your plans for the future? 

I want to release my album with strings quartet, record my album of bossa nova and my last album with my jazz quintet.

What is a musician’s paradise for you?

Musician’s paradise for me is a place where you can meet people, share music and life for a certain amount of time, bring all this insights with me and develop into a musical experience that people can also enjoy.