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Artists in Lockdown | Marco Mezquida (ESP)

Like many artists all around the world, Spanish pianist Marco Mezquida saw his concerts brutally cancelled due to the corona lockdown. “For sure I’m sad because of this very difficult moment,” says Mezquida, “it’s hard for so many people, for everybody. It’s incredible, like a nightmare…” The famous maestro briefs us from his home in Barcelona. “We are safe, we’re doing okay. We can’t do anything but cooking, playing, watching films and simply Stay.”

The lockdown rode roughshod over his plans and initiatives, like the release of the album with singer Sílvia Pérez Cruz ‘Live at Tokyo’. [watch the video] The duo’s first try out concert at Amersfoort Jazz 2018 was one of the top highlights since the very beginning of the event in the seventies. [Read the Dutch review at webmagazine ProgJazz]. Over the years Mezquida build a warm relationship with the Dutch festival and both parties practice powerful exclamations of their enduring friendship. In 2019 Mezquida opened the Amersfoort Jazz festival with guitarist Chicuelo, again an astonishing performance. [read the the Dutch review at webmagazine JazzPodium] Enjoy this concert at the Amersfoort Jazz Youtube channel.

“For me it has been a big honor to be part of the international program of concerts at Amersfoort Jazz, three years in a row with my different projects. I have always experienced big happiness and pleasure to share my music in Amersfoort. I’ve spend unforgettable days there. That’s why I send my big support, cheers and love to all the beautiful people who work on this beautiful and friendly festival. All the best and see you soon!!”