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Artists in Lockdown | Adam Simmons (AUS)

We’re talking to Adam Simmons, Australian saxophonist, festival curator and a regular visitor of Amersfoort Jazz festival in The Netherlands, as an performing artist but also as a participant of World Jazz Conference. We ask him how and what he is doing, now the world is in lockdown due to COVID19.
“I am so very disappointed not to be in Amersfoort this year – I miss my friends!!” Adam says, “It’s a mix of being busy, distracted or curled up in an existential crisis… Life is okay. We are fortunate to have very little health impact from COVID-19 compared to the most of the world. My family has a good roof over our heads, food, health and we are surviving well. In terms of musical work, I have very little. My shakuhachi teaching at University of Melbourne has continued viz Zoom, as has my private teaching.”

We ask him about his plans…
“Largely looking at some composing, research and recording projects. There is a new CD of mine about to be released in July called ‘Zatoczka: Tribute to Komeda’ featuring the Adam Simmons Creative Music Ensemble with Tony Gould (piano) and Deborah Kayser (voice). I have been involved in a couple of online concerts for The Boite and The Make It Up Club, as well as a couple of “isolation videos” – most notably ‘Where is the Music?’ click I’ve also participated in a couple of masterclasses held by London Saxophone School  click I’ve been working behind the scenes on some advocacy for the broader jazz sector in Australia as well as helping advise people on grant-writing. I have received some funding from the City of Melbourne for a new suite of compositions for Origami.”

How about the festival TiNJ?
“For TiNJ Fest – we have had to postpone for now – there is no way to stage the event as planned. We will reconsider our plans for 2021 once things become more clear. Flora Carbo, our Laureate, has just released a new album, “Voice” click And Flora has just performed today online for the Melbourne International Jazz Festival” click

Anything else?
Plus developing the advocacy side.” click