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Artists in Lockdown | Péter Sárik (HUN)

Amersfoort Jazz congratulates Péter Sárik for winning the Fonogram Prize with his trio. “Thanks, we appreciate the enduring attention from Amersfoort Jazz very much. It’s a big thing, this prize is the Hungarian Grammy. For the Trio it is the second, and for me this is the third one. Great joy.”

Like all musicians around the world, the Hungarian maestro -who would have played a prominent role during Amersfoort Jazz in May-, suddenly has an empty calendar. “The last concert was on the 8th of March (click),” he writes, “but I am busy with my new work. One year ago we played at the Bartók Plus Opera Festival in Miskolc-Hungary. This is an open minded classical music festival. They invited us to play our Bartók program. The audience, the circumstances and everything was great, we played well, so it was very successful concert. After this, they asked me to create something new for this year’s festival. So in December 2019 I started to work with the opera of Bartók ‘Bluebird’s Castle’. I’m arranging it for piano-double bass-drums-Fender Rhodes and string orchestra, and off course the two opera singers. I keep the original form, structure. I will be ready soon. The festival and the premier has been cancelled, my plan is to record it in the Autumn.”