Amersfoort Jazz Festival is a four day event hosting over 350 performing artists on multiple in- and outdoor stages in the city of Amersfoort, The Netherlands. The festival  is yearly visited by over 80.000 visitors. Amersfoort Jazz Festival is one of the longest existing jazz festivals in The Netherlands, firmly anchored (since 1979) as a free admission three day event in the historic city centre of Amersfoort (since 1259 AD). Yearly, Amersfoort Jazz presents exceptional and noteworthy musicians from home and abroad, performing in a wide variety of styles, often in surprising and unique combinations. In may 2018, the yearly Amersfoort Jazz Festival celebrates its 40th anniversary. Over the last decade Amersfoort Jazz Festival has made a sustainable development: from one of the larger jazz events in the Netherlands, to a current, adventurous and dynamic international festival for World Jazz music. Since its merger with Global Village Festival in 2012, the Amersfoort Jazz Festival program has been further deepened and complemented, in line with the latest developments in the field of jazz, world, fusion and related genres. Amersfoort Jazz is striving for talent development, cultural exchange and inspiring musical dialogue, between the artists on stage as well as with the audience.

Amersfoort Jazz cherishes the historic inner city of Amersfoort as an unique backdrop for its festival, and therefore initiates Jazz Heritage Walks to experience this, in combination with intimate concerts at the special venues.

Each year, a foreign country is selected as Focus Country at the festival. Together with Sena Performers, Amersfoort Jazz Festival is hosting the Sena Performers International Jazz Laureates Festival, presenting international finalists of World Jazz competitions to the Dutch and international scene. Together with JazzNL Foundation, Amersfoort Jazz Festival is also hosting a World Jazz Conference, incorporating exchange programmes and network meetings. For more information