Amersfoort Jazz presents: International Jazz Laureates

For the third time in a row, Amersfoort Jazz presents the Sena Performers International Jazz Laureate Festival. Several selected young and talented World Jazz artists/acts from all over the world, finalists of music competitions, are endorsed by international festivals to perform in front of a live audience at Amersfoort Jazz. Among the spectators are the international festival directors attending Amersfoort Jazz and the World Jazz Conference (to network witch each other and the artists). All concerts are free to the public.

This picture shows jazz singer-songwriter Claire Parsons (LUX/GBR) and her guitarist Eran Har Even (ISR/NLD). Claire is a talented, intelligent and determined jazz singer-songwriter, currently living in Belgium. As a member of Aishinka, she recently won the B-Jazz Award 2019. Parsons is endorsed by Luxembourg Jazz Meeting and will perform on Sunday, May 26, at De Lieve Vrouw theatre (at 16:30h). The day before,¬†Saturday, May 25 at 14:00-16:30h) the Claire Parsons & Eran Har Even Duo performs at de Sint Rochuskapel as part of the ‘Amersfoort Jazz Heritage’.