Amersfoort World Jazz Festival

Dutch Jazz Release Stages

Amsterdam outfit Tijs Klaassen Quintet, consisting of what can truly be considered the next generation of Dutch jazz stars, is – surprise – led by bassist and composer Tijs Klaassen.
Klaassen and his group present Nostalgia, their second album, at Amersfoort World Jazz Festival, continuing a trend of bowing bass lines and subtle use of electronics whilst remaining loyal to the jazz tradition. The Quintet’s young soloists salute heroes of yore through improvisation; Messiaen, Loevendie, Ravel, Berg.. an approach that works, judging by the awards the Quintet has won in the last few years; the prestigious Keep An Eye (2018) and the Sena Performance Award at the 2020 Dutch Jazz Competition.

Mo van der Does, alt sax & clarinet
Matthias Van den Brande, tenor & soprano sax, flute
Floris Kappeyne, piano & synthesizer
Wouter Kuhne, drums
Tijs Klaassen, contrabas