Amersfoort World Jazz Festival

Dutch Jazz Release Stages

Anyone even remotely familiar with the Dutch jazz scene has heard of trumpeter Teus Nobel. His consistent (inter)national presence and work with pianist Jef Neve (BE), soul star Frank McComb (USA) as well as his own projects have resulted in no less than seven albums as a leader, including the Edison-awarded Saudade (2019).
In Amersfoort, Nobel presents ‘Human First’, a composition commissioned by Buma Cultuur and VNJJ. For the occasion, his Liberty Group was expanded with Boy Edgar-prize winner Jasper Blom on tenor sax and talented guitarist Teis Semey, a Danish string picker whose work has earned him critical acclaim as well as a number of talent awards.

Teus Nobel, trumpet
Jasper Blom, tenor sax
Teis Semey, guitar
Alexander van Popta, piano
Jeroen Vierdag double bass, electric bass
Tuur Moens, drums