Sicilia Jazz (Italy) presents: Alessandro Laura & Gaetano Castiglia

Sena Performers International Jazz Laureate Festival
Gratis concert

Sicilia Jazz presents the young talents Alessandro Laura and Gaetano Castiglia at the Amersfoort World Jazz Festival. Two young talents from their own stable who play phenomenally. Alessandro Laura started playing the saxophone at a young age and his beautiful bebop lines and his own sound are characteristic of his playing. Castiglia is also from Palermo and has won many awards at a young age, and he too knows the jazz tradition and plays with fire and energy. Amersfoort World Jazz Festival is proud to welcome these two young heroes. They are accompanied by the Mitchell Damen Trio.


Stichting Amersfoort Jazz
p/a Hamersveldseweg 84a
3833 GT Leusden

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