Amersfoort World Jazz Festival


Celebrating the life and legacy of Piet Mondriaan, who was born 150 years ago in Amersfoort this year, the Neoclassicist Elleboogkerk collaborates with KAde for a unique exposition.

Schurend Paradijs (“Abrasive Paradise”) embraces the adage that nothing shines without being polished (or scrubbed!) first. Yet, how does that influence the way we perceive the world? Is the world truly your oyster? Posed with that question, twelve contemporary artists offer their answers as they reflect on the utopian principle of a makeshift world. With their murals as a unique backdrop, Amersfoort World Jazz Festival presents spoken word, modern poetry and improv.
Poet Jacques de Waart and spoken word artist Monnik tell a story about paradise, embracing not just the spirit of this exhibition but also our festival’s reputation as ‘a Musician’s Paradise’, as saxophonists Coen Witteveen and Lucas Santana improvise based on the storyline and art they immerse themselves in.