Amersfoort World Jazz Festival

Main Stage

If you’re looking for the best swinging jazz pianist in The Netherlands, Downbeat agrees it’s Peter Beets (“A World Class Jazz Act”).
His performance and sound in the style of Oscar Peterson and his beloved arrangements of classical music have helped him build a loyal fan base worldwide. Beets is a steadfast deliverer of quality jazz albums; among his many achievements are an Edison (2010), the Prix Martial Solal (1998) and the Pall Mall Export Swing Award (1988).
Beets started collaborating with lauded composer and conductor Henk Meutgeert, founding the Henk Meutgeert / Peter Beets New Jazz Orchestra in 2017. With Meutgeert’s recent retirement, Beets takes control of his group of some of the finest young jazz musicians around and steers them our way, presenting what can only be a rejuvenating swing extravaganza at Amersfoort World Jazz Festival.