Amersfoort Jazz presents i.s.m KOSMIK & DOX Records: WHAT NIGHT?!

The Belgian jazz scene gave birth to many exciting projects over the last few years, and NAFT is next in line for worldwide recognition, as far as we’re concerned. An explosive mix of house, techno, dance, jazz and even polka.. Somewhere… make this group an exhilarating live experience. On the Ghent scene since 2018, the sextet, consisting of a wide range of copper and percussion, has been a festival hit around The Netherlands and Belgium.
Geraard Buyck, triangle
Floris De Smet, fagot
Jan Heirman, kettle drum
Tom Heynssens, hobo
Robbe Latré, flute
Niels Van Paemel, French horn


Stichting Amersfoort Jazz
p/a Hamersveldseweg 84a
3833 GT Leusden

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