Dutch Jazz Release Stages

The music of the future, inspired by times of yore and carefully thought up by musical adventurers from New Zealand, Germany, Italy, Iceland and The Netherlands; that’s Molino.
A mysterious indiepop orchestra marches through the abandoned streets of a dystopian world, electronics hissing, ominous copper sections in hand. The scifi realm it calls home hangs over singer Oliver Emmitt’s head as he is accompanied by electronic noisemaker Linus Kleinlosen to embrace influences by Thom York, Beirut, Balthazar and Efterklang.
Oliver Emmitt, vocals, trombone, ukulele
Linus Kleinlosen, synthesizers, baritone sax
Marta Arpini, Synthesizers, vocals
Matthias Ingiberg Sigurdsson, synth, clarinet, vocals
Daniël Eskens, bass synth, electric bass
Jeroen Batterink, drums


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