Amersfoort World Jazz Festival

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Loet van der Lee Quintet has been around since 1994 and has changed lineups a couple of times over the years, but in 2018/19 its current makeup began to click. In one of Amsterdam’s jazz cafes, veteran Loet van der Lee met a gang of young and ambitious jazz musicians, and it clicked. The talented Tim Hennekes, Cas Jiskoot and Gideon Tazelaar banded together, piano virtuoso Sebastiaan van Bavel joined in, and the current outfit was complete.

In 2019, they recorded the well-received double album, Rode Hert Sessions, then released The Joy Of Playing in 2020. That album flirted with changes in tempo and styles throughout ten original compositions and included a study book with scores for all instruments. In 2021, Loet presented his Rode Hert Sessions part I

Loet van der Lee, trumpet & Flugelhorn
Tim Hennekes, drums
Sebastiaan van Bavel, piano
Cas Jiskoot, double bass
Gideon Tazelaar, tenor saxophone
Durk Hijma, guitar
Lucas Santana, alto Saxophone & flute