Amersfoort World Jazz Festival

Hypnotising and powerful minimal music.
Graham Costello formed STRATA in 2016 to blend stylistic elements of minimalism, jazz and noise bands together with a strong DIY ethic. This ethic came from Costello’s involvement in the Scottish DIY/indie scene, growing up touring all over Europe with noise rock and electro-psych bands, and experiencing the amazing warmth and breadth of the continental independent music scene. It was his formal studies in jazz that then led to the formation of STRATA – a band that would bring the two worlds together and become a crucial band at the forefront of new Scottish jazz artists surging into the UK scene and beyond.
This energy of noise rock, the organic improvisation of jazz, and the hypnotising patterns and feel of minimalism has been described as “a meteorite on the scene and beyond.” (The National)
2019 brought the release of their debut album “OBELISK” which was nominated for the prestigious Scottish Album of the Year Award, and garnered much attention from the UK press and further, with Clash Magazine calling it “startling, groundbreaking…it explodes definitions to seize fresh space”.

With Costello subsequently signing to Gearbox Records (Binker and Moses, Abdullah Ibrahim, Theon Cross, Sarathy Korwar), he released his follow-up album with STRATA: Second Lives, to critical acclaim, with top UK jazz publication Jazzwise naming it one of the “Best Jazz Albums of 2021”.

This concert is powered by Ronnie Scott’s.