Dutch Jazz Release Stages

Turkish-Dutch musician Göksel Yilmaz starts with influences from his native Turkey, the Levant, and Arabia, blends in blues, jazz, and classical music, and sprinkles spoken word on top. His collaborations with Jan Akkerman, Eric Vloeimans, and dance theatre group SILK have garnered him well-deserved praise, as well as his own projects which brought him on the road across Europe and Asia.

Goksel Yilmaz, guitar, oud, baglama & vocals
Anne Bakker, violin, viola
Glenn Banda, guitar
Sandor Kem, double bass, electric bass
Nezih Antakli, percussion
Udo Demandt, drums
Cengiz Arslanpay duduk, ney & electronics
Bart Zeilstra-Baas B, spoken word, rap


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