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Renowned Dutch magazine Gitarist described Ed Verhoeff as possessing “phenomenal technique, beautiful sound, and harmonic depth.” Any attentive listener will agree; his endless versatility connects jazz and rock, blending it into a style of its own.
Throughout his long career, he worked with greats such as Alex Acuna, Lucas van Merwijk, Adam Nussbaum, Izaline Calister, Lilian Vieira, Hein van de Geyn, and the Metropole Orchestra.
At Amersfoort World Jazz Festival 2022 he presents his new trio, consisting of some of the most wanted musicians on the Dutch scene; Jasper Somsen on bass and Jazz Orchestra of the Concertgebouw drummer Marcel Serierse.

Ed Verhoeff, guitar
Jasper Somsen, double bass
Marcel Serierse, drums


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