Amersfoort Jazz presents i.s.m KOSMIK & DOX Records: WHAT NIGHT?!

Misha van der Winkel’s musical adventure started at a young age, touring and producing with Dutch hip hop artists. He absorbed the jazz, soul, funk, broken beat, house and afro beat he came across along the way, shaping and deepening his relationship to music. Under the moniker Pitch Controller Mitch he worked with Pete Philly, Jiggy Dje, Rilan & The Bombardiers, Eva Lazarus, Lorrèn, Manu, Gerson Main and crafted a musical collective through his label IN MOVEMENT.
In 2021, Misha embarked on a new adventure; sharing his stories, melodies and energy under a new name, Shamis, which roughly translates to sunny and, in a meteorological sense, clear.

Misha van der Winkel, turntables, mics


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