Amersfoort World Jazz Festival


The Amersfoort Jazz Foundation has been organizing the Amersfoort World Jazz Festival for over 40 years. We work towards the festival all year round with a small but determined core team. This is under the inspired leadership of festival director Alexander Beets, a committed board and a supportive Advisory Board. Since 2023, we have also been working with a Young Millenial advisory body, consisting of young and proactive musicians, performing artists, programmers and local entrepreneurs with relevant specializations. During the festival we work with a close-knit group of more than 250 volunteers; First aiders, security guards, sound technicians, catering, drivers and masseurs, to facilitate a real Musicians’ Paradise for musicians, makers and our audience.

The Amersfoort Jazz Foundation aims to create a working environment in which all employees feel valued and are fairly rewarded for their contributions to the success of the foundation. You can read more about our remuneration policy here.

Governance, Inclusie & Diversiteit en Fair practice

The Amersfoort Jazz Foundation endorses and applies the Governance Code, the Inclusion & Diversity Code and the Fair Practice Code. The foundation has a clear organizational structure with a management board, a permanent core team of six people, a four-person board and an Advisory Board.

The organization stands for a diverse and inclusive festival and is committed to the further growth and diversification of the organization, the program, our audience and partners in various ways. We strive to reflect the cultural dynamics of the Netherlands, where we recognize and cherish the many cultural identities.

As Musicians’ Paradise we want to do everything we can to accommodate the creator. This already happens during the programming phase. We pay close attention to the date, location and time of the program. We also do everything we can in our communication with the artist to ensure that the performance runs as smoothly as possible, without room for misunderstandings.

The organization considers it self-evident that professional makers receive fair compensation for their work, and therefore uses the salary standard set by Sena as the minimum payment for professional musicians. In 2024, the standard amount is at least € 320.00 (excl. 9% VAT) per person. The core team also receives fair payment for the implementation work for the festival.

Amersfoort World Jazz & Young Millennial (YoMi)

The Young Millenial advisory body (YoMi) plays a crucial role in promoting appreciation for jazz and world music among young people, discovering Amersfoort’s cultural heritage, and connecting young people with the city’s cultural climate. YoMi is formed by young adults and local entrepreneurs with relevant specializations, and is dedicated to providing valuable recommendations to the organization to ensure that the event remains attractive and relevant to a young audience. Thanks to the diverse offering, innovative initiatives in the field of sustainability and competitively priced concert tickets, young people can experience jazz music at unique locations in Amersfoort.

Important pillars are:

diversity; the festival aims to present a rich mix of cultural influences and embrace a wide range of artists.
sustainability; the festival is not only good entertainment, it is committed to a sustainable future with attention to environmentally conscious choices.
range; the festival wants to attract as many new target groups as possible, without losing sight of the old target groups.
talent development; the festival aims to encourage and support young artists and creatives to develop their potential in the World Jazz scene.


Alexander Beets – Directeur
Floor Visser – Producent
Sven Rozier – Communicatie
Juliette Dreyer – Marketing
Jurriaan de Kok – Hospitality
Bas Toscani – Finance controller
Bart de Lange – Website


Marnix van der Moolen – Voorzitter
Jorik van Bijlert – Penningmeester
Izaline Calister – Bestuurslid
Mattijs Twilt – Bestuurslid
Liesbeth Steffens – Bestuurssecretaris

advisory board

Edward Dijxhoorn
Matti Austen
Ad ‘s Gravensande
Alma Netten
Bertien Houwing
Anita Verheggen
Rolf Delfos
Coen Witteveen
Ellister van der Molen

Young Millenial Adviesorgaan

Maud van den Abeelen 
Lucas Santana 
Jurriaan de Kok 
Frerick den Haan 
Jesse Boere 
Jorn Bovee