Amersfoort World Jazz Festival

At Amersfoort Jazz Festival this August, we’re pleased to present Polish saxophonist and producer Sylwester Ostrowski as our first-ever International Artist in Residence. Ostrowski is many things, but above all, a versatile man. With music described as ‘Bop for the streets’ by the renowned jazz writer George W Harris (JazzWeekly), his music is deeply rooted in the American tradition but flirts with contemporary influence whenever it gets the chance.

Examples of his achievements are ample; from his 2016 album with singer Deborah Browne and the well-received release Jammin’ with KC which featured an impressive, international lineup and a number of rising stars on the Polish jazz firmament to his Szczecin Jazz festivals where he featured stars such as Avishai Cohen and Erykah Badu. Other collaborations include Darius Brubeck, Wynton Marsalis and Makoto Kuriya. In short, there is a lot to say about Ostrowski, but perhaps the best way to truly understand him is to experience a show.

At Amersfoort Jazz, check him out as he graces the stage with the unparalleled Jazz Orchestra of the Concertgebouw ft. Sabrina Starke, the renowned Henk Meutgeert’s New Jazz Orchestra and the well-oiled groove machine Liquid Spirits.