Amersfoort World Jazz Festival

SENA PERFORMERS International Jazz Laureate Festival

Amersfoort is the initiator of the World Jazz Network, a group of leading World Jazz festivals all over the world. Every year they come together for the World Jazz Conference and to present their laureates. This makes the World Jazz Festival in Amersfoort one of the most important international launch sites for the Next Generation of Jazz for years. The Sena Performers International Jazz Laureate Festival this year presents laureates from Poland (Szczecin Jazz Fest), South Africa (Joy of Jazz), Italy (Sicilian Jazz Festival), Luxembourg (Jazz Machine), Spain (Jazz I Am), Thailand ( Huahin jazz), South Korea (Jarasum) and France (Jazz A Vienna). Amersfoort World Jazz Festival itself presents the aforementioned Lucas Santana as well as Peter Somuah. The meeting of festival directors and the festival laureates in turn ensures many foreign tours for Dutch artists.