Amersfoort World Jazz Festival

Meet the Amersfoort World Jazz team. We are busy preparing for the 45th edition of the festival and would like to introduce the team to you! Check our website for the full interview.

Juliette is now returning for the second year in a row to support the festival with marketing. Although she has never been involved with music at a professional level, her knowledge of music is broad and she has been committed to the music sector for many years. Outside of work, she is an enthusiastic amateur singer, a fervent chess lover and a true pub crawler.

How did you end up at the festival?
Through, through, through I heard about the Amersfoort World Jazz Festival. In the summer of 2022 I thought: let me take a look. Upon arrival the atmosphere was already good and the music was really good. I was extremely impressed by the energy that this festival radiated. During the festival I started talking to some festival staff and discovered that they were looking for support. Of course I didn’t hesitate for a second.

You have now experienced an edition, how did you experience it?
I didn’t know jazz could be so incredibly broad! Every concert sounded slightly different. I think it’s really cool to see how jazz as a genre offers so much room for variety: Soul, blues, Latin, funk, Gypsi and even classical or urban and hip hop. The atmosphere was really good too. You feel the energy of the audience and the artists who play here, and that is extremely contagious.

How do you think the Amersfoort World Jazz Festival can help musicians/the sector?
I have seen many playgrounds disappear in the country. It’s a real shame, because there is certainly supply and demand! Fortunately, the festival is actively committed to giving musicians and makers a platform, and they always receive a fair price for this. By creating so many meeting places, the festival offers good opportunities for collaborations, exchange and of course networking. Good for the musicians and for the sector.

What is one part of the festival that surprised you?
Difficult question. Because I am still quite new to the jazz genre and know few jazz musicians well, everything was actually a surprise to me. What particularly stuck are last year’s theme nights, the Classic meets Jazz line, and the Latin & Gypsi Night, both truly beautiful productions. I was really impressed by the high professionalism of the musicians and the quality of the music.

For the 45th edition and your second edition, what is your focus point?
Let as many people as possible enjoy this experience. I want people to be as surprised and excited by this music as I am now when they attend the festival.