Amersfoort World Jazz Festival

Matti Austen has been co-programmer and intermediary of Amersfoort World Jazz Festival for 10 years. This history arose from the collaboration between the Global Village Festival and Amersfoort World Jazz Festival. Matti is an important man for Amersfoort Jazz. He is always open to new music and new collaborations and for him the music and the artist are central. He really takes the time to discover and listen to music and is always positive and also helps young people to set their own path. So someone who looks at the music with an open mind and who thinks from the perspective of the music and artist without making concessions because it generates an ”audience”, that is a huge asset for Amersfoort World Jazz Festival and for the cultural sector in the Netherlands. also internationally. Matti is a connector and an inspiration, as Matti Austen is at the origin of many (international) collaborations and plays an important role in this. On to the next 10 years!

Below you will find Matti’s tips for the Amersfoort World Jazz Festival 2022

Matti Austen, co-programmer of Amersfoort World Jazz explains why: “Hungary has a rich music culture based on folk music and with distinctive instruments such as the violin. This can often be heard in their classical music, but also in jazz music that we will be presenting. But Hungarian jazz music is so much more. For example, Béla Bartók composed the piece Mikrokosmos between 1926 and 1939. The Péter Sárik Trio (photo) will perform a jazz rendition of this during the festival. Beautiful and more Hungarian it can not be . It is a journey of discovery that I am very much looking forward to.”

1:Sarik Trio ( Hun )

2/ Antonio Serrano Quartet ( Sp )

3/ AM-OK / Tijn Wybenga ( NL )

4/ Mihaly Borbely Quartet( Hun )

5/ Sun-Mi Hong( NL )

6/ Santa Diver (Hun)

7/ Massi ( NL )

8/ K.O.Brass ( NL )

9/ Ragazza Quintet ( NL )

10/ Adinda Meertins ( NL )