Amersfoort World Jazz Festival

Ticket sales will start on Saturday 25 June 2022 via the website. Subscribers to the newsletter have the option to purchase tickets two days before. This year’s festival includes paid and free concerts. The full line-up is now available on The website also features a spotify playlist that gives you a sneak preview of the festival.

Dutch Jazz Release Stages
With the support of Sena Performers, Amersfoort World Jazz has quickly become the ‘biggest release party’ in Europe. Around 33 acts from Dutch soil will present their recent albums during the festival. Among them Wyga names like Bart Wirtz Polat, Johan Plomp and Ellist, but many exponents of The Next Generation Thomas Pol, Jessica Boer, Tijnben, Beryl Anne, Razzi and Dutch Jazz Collective. The new generation also includes international alumni of the Dutch conservatories, such as Hendrik Müller (GER), Peter Somuah (GHA) and Nicolo Ricci (ITA). The (indoor) concerts take place in the Observant, Podium KOSMIK and FLUOR. These concerts are organized from 4 to 14 August.