Amersfoort World Jazz Festival

Dutch Jazz Release Stages 
Over the past year, many jazz artists have returned to the studio to create new material, resulting in an impressive array of fresh music. This music deserves to be heard on a suitable, professional platform. For the 5th consecutive year, Amersfoort World Jazz Festival provides a stage for professional musicians to present their albums to the public, media, and professionals. This year’s lineup features the underground grooves of João Vedana, the Amsterdam Jazz Trio featuring Boris van der Lek, Cas Heim, Simone Pormes, Anita Petruescu Trio, and the acoustic-electronic ensemble JUNO.

Next Stage
As a World Jazz festival, we believe in providing jazz artists with a platform where they can showcase their best work. In our Next Stage program, we challenge musicians to present their repertoire in unique settings. Peter Willems will have carte blanche alongside Sanne Huijbregts and Maripepa Contreras. The winner of the Keep an Eye ‘The Records’ competition in 2023, Ronny deCarlo, will present his debut album at the jazz club Miles. Additionally, the Alwan ensemble, BOI AKIH, and Mete Erker & Jeroen van Vliet will perform intimate concerts at the Sint Aegtenkapel.