ProgJazz: Q&A with Petra Várallyay (HUN)

Dutch webmagazine ProgJazz interviews the Hungarian pianist, violinist, singer, composer and band leader Petra Várallyay, who without any doubt would have been one of the big revelations during the Rabobank Amersfoort Jazz festival in May, being programmed with several acts, also as an international jazz laureate. The festival will continue as an online edition in november, but without the Hungarian and other international musicians, due to the corona crisis.

    Through the ages of history, the Hungarian people underwent many influences from migrations from the east… Péter Sárik said the Hungarians are a very mixed people and therefore also artistically very versatile. Do you agree?

    Petra: “That’s absolutely true! For me, Budapest always had this pulsing diversity in the artistic field that is so much fun to be part of. And yes, we have a really exciting cultural heritage with a huge amount of influence from other cultures throughout the centuries. And I think it’s very important to recognise that enriching our culture with external influences is a never-ending process, and treat new ideas not with fear but with an open mind.”

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