Amersfoort Jazz advocates the Next Generation in world jazz, in support of young and exceptional talents deserving wider recognition. This year, Amersfoort Jazz presents several daring jazz singer-songwriters, including three ‘uncommon nightingales in Dutch Jazz’: Anna Serierse, Sanne Rambags and Marit van der Lei, performing their own original songs with a clear mind about what they seek to portray. They all share the same ability to use the human voice as an full fledged instrument, directed to generate an uncommon vocalese, mostly consisting of notes and musical sounds without using words. Although very different in personal style and conception, these vocalists combine vocal techniques from jazz music and contemporary, with all sorts of traditional (European) folklore. Whispering, howling, speaking, curbing, overdrive and edge, easy switching back and forth from afro-american chat to medieval shepherdesses sounds, or (in the case of Sanne) even Sami joiking and shamanistic singing, which mimics the sounds of nature.

Amersfoort Jazz 2019 presents these uncommon nightingales on Sunday, May 26th, each with a stand-alone and dedicated project. Marit plays at de Groenmarkt with her socalled ‘Nextet’, featuring guitarist Prashant Samlal and alto saxophonist Kika Sprangers. This group released its debut album in 2018. Subsequently at the same venue, Anna Serierse is featured in Kika Sprangers’ New Quintet, which came into existence end of 2018. Last but not least, one can enjoy the impressive almost silent art music of Mudita at the nearby, historical venue Sint Aegtenkapel. This trio, consisting of Sanne Rambags (Young Vip 2019), pianist Sjoerd van Eijck and trumpeter Koen Smits, released its debut album in 2018.

All talents were part of the collaborative projects by NJJO (National Youth Jazz Orchestra), Young Metropole and NJO, in support of the Next Generation in Dutch jazz. The three singers kept on working together in the vigorously supported Large Ensemble of Kika Sprangers.