Accents in World Jazz from the Balearic Islands & Catalonia

‘Accents in World Jazz from the Balearic Islands & Catalonia’, is a collaborative project established by Institute d’Estudis Ballearics (Mallorca)  Institute Ramon Llull (Barcelona) and Amersfoort Jazz 2019. It presents outstanding World Jazz musicians from the Balearic Islands and Catalonia to a broad audience in The Netherlands.

Chicuelo & Marco Mezquida
Menorca born pianist Marco Mezquida is reckoned with the very best pianists of Europe. He considers Amersfoort Jazz his second home. His perfomances (solo, with his Ravel trio and with Silvia Perez Cruz) were artistic highlights of the past editions. At theatre De Lieve Vrouw Mezquida is opening the festival Amersfoort Jazz 2019 on Thursday, May 23, together with the acclaimed flamenco guitarist from Barcelona, Juan Gomez ‘Chicuelo’ (Goya Award). Chicuelo is known for his work with Maria João Pires, Carles Benavent, Jorge Pardo, Miguel Poveda, Duquende, Silvia Perez Cruz (to name a few!), and recently awarded with the Goya Award. The duo released an album ‘Conexión’ in 2017. Chicuelo & Marco Mezquida will perform a second time on Friday, May 24, at the ‘open air theatre square’ Lieve Vrouwekerkhof. Mezquida will also perform solo on the same day at de Sint Aegtenkapel.

The Bop Collective XL
Born into a musical family, alto saxophonist and leader Irene Reig became a musician at a young age. She is currently living in The Netherlands, where she studied a Master Degree at the Amsterdam University of the Arts (Conservatorium van Amsterdam). With The Bob Collective, Irene Reig won the Sena Dutch Jazz Competition 2018 ‘publieksprijs’ and subsequently was endorsed by Amersfoort Jazz to perform at the festival as a Sena Performers International Jazz Laureate the same year. This year, to strengthen the sustainable relationship, Irene Reig is invited back to Amersfoort with The Bob Collective, but enlarged to a new ensemble of 12 people. In this project, Reig is combining traditional music from Catalonia and the Balearic Islands, sung in the original language and dialect, with jazz elements and rhythms from the Afro-American music tradition. The Bob Collective XL is presented for the first time at the festival Amersfoort Jazz 2019.

FiraB! Jazz Quintet
Irene Reig is also performing with FiraB! Jazz Quintet, specially created for the festival Amersfoort Jazz 2019. Besides Reig, the group consists of musicians from the Balearic Islands: Tomeu Garcías (trombone), Pere Bujosa (double bass) and Teo Salvà (drums). The gifted pianist Miguel Rodríguez is from Madrid, but currently living in The Netherlands, where he studied a Master Degree at the Amsterdam University of the Arts (Conservatorium van Amsterdam). According to Irene Reig, the principal idea of FiraB! is “to make stronger connections between musicians from around Europe, by letting them play and improvise together”.