The promising young guitarist Jakub ‘Mizer’ Mizeracki has quickly grown to be one of Poland’s most wanted sidemen. Having kickstarted his career under Sylwester Ostrowski’s wing, he is still a steady part of the saxophonist’s brigade, but tours Europe with his own projects as well. Give Mizer one look, and you will likely expect his sound to match his outfit, bringing a fresh dose of rock&roll to the stage. But do not be mistaken; there is a world of creativity hidden behind the bandana and screeching Ibanez, and an everlasting backdoor alley in the musician’s solos that always lead back to a deep appreciation for the jazz tradition.

Mizer keeps busy, not just through touring with Ostrowski’s groups, but also playing and composing for others. This fall, he joins ZK Collaboration on their Slow Food release on Warner Music Poland. All in all, we can expect a lot of great things from the Polish promise.


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