In 2018, Dutch festival Amersfoort Jazz celebrates its 40th anniversary. The event is one of the longest existing jazzfestivals in the Netherlands. This is celebrated with an exceptional program full of World Jazz from the Netherlands and abroad. Thursday May 24 the opening of the festival takes place in theatre De Lieve Vrouw with a special concert by the All Star 40 Year Jubilee Band comprised of Dutch top notch artists like Peter Beets (piano), Marius Beets (bass), Ruud Breuls (trumpet), Bart van Lier (trombone) and Izaline Calister (vocals), enriched by special guests Eric Alexander (USA, tenor sax, International Artist in Residence( and Ronnie Cuber (USA, baritone sax). The concert is presented by Dutch “jazz guru” Cees Schrama, who was involved with the festival from the first moment.

Prior to thee All Star 40 Year Jubilee Band is the performance of the nine-headed band Sound of Siam from Thailand. There happens to be a special connection between Thailand and the Netherlands, mainly because of Amersfoort Jazz, and its Dutch Jazz Expeditions, that led to the visit to King of Thailand Bhumibol Adulyadej Rama IX, who died in 2016. The King of Jazz played saxophone and was a composer of jazz tunes, introducing jazz to Thailand.

Thursday May 2018  | Rabobank Amersfoort Jazz |  theatre De Lieve Vrouw, Amersfoort
20.00 – 21.15 Sound of Siam (Thailand)
21.45 – 23.00 All Star 40 Year Jubilee Band with special guests