Focus country

Each year, Amerfoort Jazz selects a specific foreign country to be featured at the Amersfoort Jazz Festival in the Netherlands.

From the selected Focus Country ca. 15 musicians are invited to the Amersfoort Jazz Festival in the Netherlands. These musicians are selected by Amersfoort Jazz in collaboration with its partners in the Focus Country. These musicians are selected on the criteria of Amersfoort Jazz: living legends & "young dogs" (running up talents), XL & XS, dynamic and current World Jazz. In particular, recent finalists of jazz and world music competitions in the Focus Country are considered to participate and perform at the Sena Performers International Jazz Laureate Festival, which is also part of Amersfoort Jazz Festival. The laureates are recommended by the partners in the Focus Country.

The selected musicians perform during the festival on both indoor and outdoor stages, under circumstances that provide the right ambiance for the concert. Each musician will play a maximum of three concerts in total, including the Focus Night on saturday evening and a grand finale at the outdoor mainstage on sunday afternoon. The Focus Night in theatre De Lieve Vrouw, is an evening with multiple time slots, opened by the ambassador of the Focus Country in the Netherlands.

Along with the musicians, a delegation of professionals from the Focus Country is invited to participate in the World Jazz Conference and enjoy the hospitality program of Amersfoort Jazz Festival, which includes hotel and catering, free entrance to all concerts and participating in an English guided Jazz Heritage Walk.

Eligible countries have the capacity to fulfill professional criteria, proving to be valid and effective within a substantial jazz and world music network, consisting of artists, managers, festivals, educational institutes, media and a music minded audience.


Our Goals

  • Creating new audience and network between the Focus Country and the Netherlands.
  • Exchange of knowledge, about nurturing World Jazz culture.
  • Exchange of musical ideas and cultural influences, creating new musical blends.
  • Linking entire jazz networks between countries for maximum effect on cultural and economic dynamics.
  • Establishing liaisons to forge international legal structures concerning copyright laws, neighbouring rights entities.
  • Presenting a tailor made format of so-called World Jazz Expeditions to world jazz minded communities in other countries.
  • Presenting Dutch musicians in the Focus Country in the aftermath of the event, combined with an exchange program.