“Amersfoort Jazz is an impressive festival where both national and international high quality jazz is presented in the beautiful atmosphere of the city centre of Amersfoort. It is a great opportunity for next generation jazz musicians to meet, collaborate and get inspired by other jazz musicians from the international scene. A great chance for young artists to share their music and expand their network in this cultural hotspot with lively scene!“

Kika Sprangers (NLD) | artist

“Amersfoort Jazz is a musician’s paradise.”
Ramiro Obedman (ESP) | artist
“Amersfoort Jazz inspires to share ideas about music.”

Nuphar Fey (ISR) | artist

“The level of expertise and dedication from the Amersfoort team is impressive and leads to numerous excellent discoveries and performances. I was very impressed by the dynamic sense of jazz comradery at the festival and the conference.”
Phil Woolever | All About Jazz
“Great vibes, on a musical and personal level.”
Barry Davis (ISR) | Jerusalem Post
“Amersfoort Jazz put the festival and conference to the next level. It’s amazing.”
Adam Simmons (AUS) | artist/festival programmer
“I love Amersfoort Jazz. It’s a little paradise!”
Tula ben Ari (ISR) | artist
“It was so much fun to be in the festival with the Israeli focus group. Thank you so much for everything. It was a great experience and fun festival!”
Yoav Eshed & Gadi Lehavi (ISR) | artists
“What an amazing festival, organization and promotion! I am in love with the festival!!!”
Sun-Mi Hong (KOR/NLD) | artist
“I am very grateful for this opportunity, to have all these amazing musicians and to do it at the Amersfoort Jazz festival.”
Irene Reig (ESP/NLD) | artist
“All the people made us feel welcome.”
Amit Freedman (ISR) | artist
“Amersfoort Jazz is a great and very special festival!”

Shalosh (ISR) | artists

Amersfoort is a beautiful city, very medieval and with many cultural things to discover. I loved playing at the Sint Rochuskapel, a beautiful place with great acoustics.”
Claire Parsons (LUX) | artist
“Fantastic festival!”
Olivia Ignatescu (ROU) | festival programmer
“Wonderful city, great music, well programming, good organized.”
Kai Gustavsen (NOR) | festival programmer
“It was really great, being a part of this beautiful festival!”
Yoav Eshed (ISR) | artist
“The festival was a very enjoyable experience for me. Great musicians, very nice hang. I liked the diversity in the program, the multiplicity of stages and venues within. The city of Amersfoort is beautiful, and I found it special that there are so many built-in places to perform, with good pianos, in such a relatively small town – it is a very artistic atmosphere and pretty unique. All in all, a wonderful experience!”
Nuphar Fey (ISR) | artist
“We will certainly be back to the Amersfoort Jazz Festival.”
Matthew Neuhaus | Ambassador, Australian Embassy in The Netherlands
“We are impressed by the fantastic setting of Amersfoort Jazz and therefore willing to collaborate in 2020 with its Focus on World Jazz from Hungary.”
András Kocsis | Ambassador, Embassy of Hungary to The Netherlands
“A festival with many faces.”
Storm Bakker | ProgJazz (NLD)
“The best jazz festival in Amersfoort ever!”

Jan Verwey | Concertzender

“Amersfoort Jazz is wel echt een heel bijzonder festival. Internationaal, van overal komen er mensen naartoe en er verschijnen veel recensies…”

Marit van der Lei | artist

“De 41ste editie herinnerde aan het North Sea Jazz Festival, toen dat nog geheel in het teken stond van de jazz. Er is zóveel dat je, waar je ook bent, steeds het gevoel hebt iets te missen wat elders plaatsvindt.”
Jeroen de Valk |
“Beautiful place, fine audience, good memories.”
Jeroen van Vliet | artiest
“Not in the theaters, nor in the concert halls or clubs, but in a medieval chapel, an old water mill and the monumental church in the heart of the city.”
Dietmar Terpstra | Jazzism
“Sublime festival. A dream for every musician.”
Jasper van ‘t Hof | artiest
“Fantastische zaal, fantastische vleugel!”
Sjoerd van Eyck | artiest
“Jazzbarock without compromises.”
Robin Boer | ProgJazz (Adam Simmons meets Stormvogel’s Barditus ft. Oene van Geel)
“The festival curators made me very happy with all fantastic opportunities. Playing with Jasper van ‘t Hof on church organ was very special.”
Kika Sprangers | artiest
“Amersfoort Jazz is very diverse and without stress.”
Oene van Geel | artiest
“Fireworks without mercy.”
Robin Boer | ProgJazz (Sun-Mi Hong Quintet)
“The festival is an adventurous exploration in our own city. It’s bringing worlds together.”
Diederik La Verge, Volmolen |  (Shakir Khan & Anubrata Chatterjee (IND)) AD/AC

“The festival Amersfoort Jazz is able to offer a particularly varied program, where renowned names can be enjoyed on the large squares, while at the same time adventurous and high-quality music is presented at the historical indoor venues.”

Robin Boer | ProgJazz (Mudita / Free The Voices)