Amersfoort World Jazz Festival

August 2022

BIM Night

The Professional Association of Improvising Musicians (BIM) exists 50 years! The BIM, once the founders of the BIMHUIS, has been committed to the interests of jazz and improvised music in the Netherlands since 1971. It does this by, for example, facilitating more playgrounds and fighting for better conditions for musicians. In collaboration with Sena Performers, […]

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Recap dag 5

Dag 5! Zelfs een 11 daags festival lijkt voorbij de vliegen! Vandaag voegden we locatie FLUOR toe met een prachtig programma, K.O.Brass, Pony Machine en Dutch Jazz Collective! Het programma werd aangevuld in de Observant met @molino Wolf Martini, Joost Zoeteman en Teus Nobel! Ook in Café Miles klonken de klanken door met een te

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Sylwester Ostrowski & The Jazz Brigade ft. Essien Okon Essiet

Tip: Sylwester Ostrowski & The Jazz Brigade ft. Essien Okon Essiet An extra special addition to the program of Amersfoort World Jazz Festival this year can be experienced on Thursday evening at the Lieve Vrouwekerkhof. The Jazz Brigade led by the Polish saxophonist Sylwester Ostrowski can safely be called a super group; joining the ranks are

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St. Aegtenkapel

St. Aegtenkapel You will spend an evening in special company this year in the Sint Aegtenkapel. A series of intimate listening concerts and unique musical experiences are presented by (inter)nationally renowned artists. Tom van der Zaal presents his Time Will Tell program and is expanding for the occasion with a complete string orchestra. There are

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Aftermovie dag 4

Day four! Applause for the great musicians of day 4! Bob Hoving/NEWT Sun-Mi Hong, Egle Ensemble, Blue Sands and Anne Chris. Thank you Observant and a special word of thanks and applause for the fantastic location and people of KOSMIK, see you next year! On Monday 8 August we will start the week again with

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Recap dag 3

Recap, day 3! Thank you KOSMIK and Observant Le Dionisos, Rob van Bavel, Kypski, Bart Wirtz ft. Jono McCleery, Mehmet Polat, Juliana Martina, Tijn Wybenga, FAST DE, MAKAS and the Nikobo Nordic Jazz Trio. During the Dutch Jazz Release Stages, more than 1000 musicians present their latest release. Curious about the lineup? Sunday 7 August:

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