Month: July 2022

Extra Care Tickets

Amersfoort World Jazz Festival extra accessible This year Amersfoort World Jazz Festival will take place from 4 to 14 August. In the historic city center of Amersfoort, an adventurous program of more than 100 concerts is offered on indoor and outdoor stages. The complete line up is on The Amersfoort World Jazz Festival wants …

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Passe partout

This year there are paid and free concerts during the Amersfoort World Jazz Festival. The prices of the tickets are between €2.50 and €15. It is also possible to buy passe partout tickets. These tickets give you access to all concerts of a certain part of the day at the location where the concerts take …

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Concert uitgelicht

The Amersfoort World Jazz Festival has a program with multiple flavors. A nice blend of different ingredients. Just like Nick Scholten’s music, which combines multiple styles. Knowing more? Nick will play in the Observant on Tuesday 9 August.


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